CAIRON MiGlobal | Smart MiFi Global Hotspot
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Global data roaming platform unlocks limitless possibility for product and services development. Our solution has a strong value for people who frequently travel abroad, and who appreciate fully controllable, transparent and predictable mobile communications option. The CAIRON MiGlobal quickly becomes your most favorite travel companion.


The CAIRON MiGlobal platform has been developed to address the need for truly Global Mobile Internet Access. Our platform removes the national borders, roaming pricing instability and battery life anxiety from the subscriber’s mind. It has been designed around the concept of total freedom for seamless and SIM less Internet access.



Subscriber can access Internet anywhere in the world via our unique MIFI device. There are no SIM cards, airtime vouchers, customer registration or queuing required. The CAIRON MiGlobal receives the IMSI from our server, which enables it to connect to one of the local 3G/4G networks



Telecom Operators across the world still monetize roaming services Status. Roaming prices for Voice, SMS and Data are unreasonably high. Subscribers are progressively moving to local SIM or local WiFi and OTT solutions. Major EU and USA operators have certain reasonable roaming packages but only valid in very limited set of countries.



CAIRON MiGlobal Boxes for business enable Corporations with employees who travel frequently to cut off their internal travelling expenses. Corporations usually buy out needed amount of CAIRON MiGlobal Boxes and give them to their employees. One CAIRON MiGlobal Box unit can be assigned to multiple users/accounts.


Average savings with CAIRON technology are 70-90% from existing costs. There is a security option blocking the automatic downloads so that new OS firmware or app releases can’t download inadvertently. CAIRON is also enabling VoIP (voice over data) within its App, so CAIRON’s clients are able to do regular talks and texts throughout the data (wi-fi).


Once CAIRON has the knowledge upon Corporations data needs, CAIRON ensures Corporations the data pool. Corporate model is mainly post-paid. Invoice for the data consumed by the Corporation will be invoiced by CAIRON at the end of each month.


Also on holiday or business travel is the desire for constant accessibility, or the experienced holiday impressions directly communicate. CAIRON MiGlobal data boxes make it possible to use mobile data in currently 106 countries around the world. The billing of mobile data usage opens up a new business field for travel companies. CAIRON provides corresponding amounts of data according to agreed data rates. An adaptation is possible at any time.

Get in touch!

We value open communication and personal availability. CAIRON is here to answer your questions and provide more information about our products, solutions and services. The CAIRON team is looking forward to hearing from you!